Our Story

How We Started

"Our story is much wider, much higher and much deeper than meets the eye. Though we sell creative tees to thousands of customers, tees are the fabric that everything we do is woven into. After just a few days work experience and a couple of half days design training, we began selling our custom designs on Etsy. Less than 2 months later we had already established our selves in this small but very creative marketplace. However, our plans were bigger and we wanted to help more people express their personalities. That was the time where we decided to create our own website."

George, Ceo of Funkyappareltees

Designed For You

At Funky Apparel we pride our selves for employing real American people instead of just using machines on every step of the printing process. It's that personal touch that gives us the feeling of enjoyment and drives us to be better every year. After all every business is defined by its people. Thank you for enabling us to support our people and for trusting us to deliver your favorite apparel products.

What Motivates Us?

There is nothing more encouraging and rewarding that seeing how much you all love our products and use them every day to show your personality and  express yourself! After all that's what we all love about clothing, it allows us to introduce ourselves without even talking.